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How To Contact Drelinger and Pricing

How Can I Try And/Or Purchase a Drelinger Headjoint?

Headjoint tryouts take place when Mr. Drelinger visits a city near you. You are also invited to visit Drelinger's workshop in White Plains which is very near New York City. For an individual tryout session with Sandy Drelinger there is no fee or obligation. To arrange an appointment when Mr. Drelinger comes to an area near you, or at our shop in New York, please fill out the form below. We will also add you to our list so that you can receive updated Headjoint Q&A's as they become available. We do not sell or share this information with any other company.

Once we have this information, we will contact you two weeks prior to our visit to your area to arrange an appointment, or if you want an appointment in our White Plains workshop please phone us directly at any time.


Drelinger basic model all sterling headjoints are priced at $1,725 plus shipping. Models containing gold and/or platinum are priced higher and are quoted along with wood flute and piccolo headjoints by request on an individual basis. The price of all of our headjoints includes at no extra cost, No-Slip-LipTM engraving and OptikutTM patented lip plate assembly (on metal headjoints only), Quiet-CrownTM, Perfect MatchTM non-stretch fitting method, headjoint carrying case, and a one year satisfaction exchange on most models.
Where the total price cannot be paid at once, an interest-free payment plan is available.


- Trade in your current headjoint toward the purchase price of a new Drelinger. Contact us for details.

- Drelinger Headjoint Company now arranges special non-scheduled trips for groups of people who are far away from Mr. Drelinger's scheduled visiting locations. If you are one of these flutists we will arrange a special trip to your location for groups of three or more flutists who are interested in trying our headjoints. Contact us for details to set up a special trip to your area. 

- We now offer a free plane ticket program for people who come to New York and buy a headjoint from our workshop. In addition, complimentary transportation is provided to and from one major airport in the New York City area. Contact us for details.

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Sales Outside The USA
For customers outside the USA we offer direct sales from the factory.
We welcome inquiries from foreign representatives and flute instructors who wish to learn more about representing and selling Drelinger headjoints in markets outside the U.S.A.

Drelinger Headjoint Company is located near New York City in White Plains.
Phone: (914) 946-1717.
E-mail sd@drelinger.com. Our postal mailing address :
Drelinger, P.O. Box 146, North White Plains, NY 10603, USA

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