Drelinger Headjoint
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Our Craftspeople


Sandy founded Drelinger Headjoint Company 30 years ago. He is both a flutist and an engineer, having studied at Juilliard and RCA Institute.

Sandy is skilled in every aspect of headjoint making. He considers himself very fortunate to work with the wonderful people he helped develop over the years.

Sandy's highly evolved ear has given him the unique ability to differentiate the many critical aspects of headjoint acoustics and musicality. He spends much of his time applying this skill working directly with flutists to find the right headjoint.


Lazaro has worked with Drelinger Headjoint Company for about 28 years. He is a gifted fine artist draftsman, and precious metal smith. He produces consistently wonderful results whether the material is metal or wood. Laz is basically a fanatical perfectionist.

Laz mainly concentrates on blow hole carving and voicing. He brings the perfect shape, dimensions, and finish to every headjoint he hand carves. Laz is also totally devoted to music and deeply appreciates the sound flutists make from the headjoints he has had a hand in making.


Jacqueline has worked for Drelinger Headjoint for nearly 11 years. She is a fine artist, sculptor, precious metal smith and designer. Jackie has an array of talents that no one else in the shop can equal.

She is responsible for tube drawing and finishing and the creation of every lip plate from the wax and mold to the finished engraving which she does so beautifully.

Every detail of our headjoints has been perfected by her hands and meet the highest standards acheiveable.