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...never felt so physically comfortable playing the flute as with the UpRite.

Playing the UpRite and then going back to my regular headjoint was like returning my arms to a vise.

...always had neck, shoulder and hand problems playing my flute and finally after seeking a medical solution, the UpRite may prove the most promising approach...

I have taught many young students who want to play the flute but find the instrument too much to handle. By experimenting with the UpRite some of these same kids now had no trouble...

...the UpRite improved my technique once I learned that I didnít have to fight the physical aches I normally contended with.

After playing flute for almost 70 years, I almost gave up because it had become physically painful to play. When I tried the UpRite, the pleasure of flute playing returned and...

The choice of playing vertical or horizontal is really important ... there are times that listeners just donít want to contend with looking at a strange flute...

Every teacher should have an UpRite to get students started on the flute.  Its the most valuable teaching aid Iíve seen. I wish this thing didnít cost so much.

I donít know about you but seeing your fingers when you play is really something I find of great value.

The UpRite is the only wind instrument Iíve ever played that you didnít have to support with your hands. Its like playing my piano.

As a sax and clarinet player the UpRite fit my hands so much more natural than my old combo. Having all my instruments play vertically suits me just fine ... in the dark and crowded orchestra pit, for quick changes ... the UpRite makes it possible to go from flute to clarinet in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

When I learn to relax and back off a little it seems shamefully easy ... I feel guilty working so little.

...I can see that the UpRite would make the flute the ideal instrument for the marching band. Its easier to hold than a clarinet. Give it five years and every marching band in the world will want them.

I got a real kick out of all those attachments that come with the UpRite. They go on in a flash and come off just as easy. I like the idea of not permanently altering my flute body to accommodate the UpRite.

The tone the UpRite produces is colorful and interesting and in some ways I like it better than my regular flute...

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