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What made Drelinger want to design a vertical headjoint?
Drelinger Headjoint Company is continually working to develop new and innovative headjoints. We originally began work on the UpRite® for those having physical issues playing the transverse flute. As it turned out the UpRite not only heartily met this goal, but also filled other niches making it the flute of choice for many playing situations.

After many years of playing, I now have physical pain associated with holding my flute. I do not know if it is severe enough to consider playing vertically.
We almost always see a better outcome with those who become immediately proactive after first experiencing this type of physical pain, as compared to those who put off doing anything until playing becomes unbearable.

In addition to SIT,™ does Drelinger make custom accessories?
Yes.  For most people the SIT™ accessories are all that is needed to realize the full potential of the UpRite. However, from time to time we make custom engineered accessories for those with special requirements.

Does the UpRite sound the same to the listener as the transverse flute?
Yes, as beautifully demonstrated on HomecookedCD.com.

Does the UpRite sound the same to the player as the transverse flute?
Yes, after a few minutes.  Players are conditioned to compensate perceptually for the way the transverse flute radiates sound. It’s for this reason that when played for the very first time the UpRite’s balanced sound can be startling. Thereafter it sounds normal to the player.


Transverse flute radiates so that
more sound reaches the
player's right ear.

UpRite radiates sound in perfect balance so the player hears
it equally in both ears.

How easy is it to play vertically?
From our experience many will spontaneously master the virtues of the UpRite, while others will require time. We know that for most, playing flute vertically is physically less stressful and more natural than playing transverse. Letting go of the physical compensation required for the transverse flute may be the key to fully appreciating the comfort of the UpRite.

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